How EDIBLE are your “Cookies”?

Have you ever been out walking or going about your business and come across someone and you wonder to yourself, would you randomly kiss that person or the real deal, go to ‘dinner’ with whats under their skirt or pants? Weird? Maybe, but lets talk!

People always say that looks aren’t everything, which is in fact true-to an extent. (seems to be my favorite phrase to say these days 🙂 ) Looks definitely aren’t everything, however, its the first thing that you see and its the first thing that attracts you to that person. It has to count for something.

If you see someone and that individual’s physical features are below average, then you are not going to give that person the time of day. (Even though my granny always seh, “Every hoe have dem tick a bush”)

You meet this individual and you like what you see so you decide to take it a step or two further in getting to know more about this individual. The butterflies are fluttering around in your tummy and you cant wait to go out with this person. This goes on for awhile, well, if you are not the sleep with after the first date type kind of a person.

Before you go on your date, obviously you are going to spend time getting ready for the date. For the ladies, it may take a year and a day to get ready, from picking out the right outfit, getting the makeup on “fleek” and getting the hair done. I will be targeting the ladies specifically. Hence, the question is raised; How edible are your “cookies”? Lets not kid ourselves here as we are all mature grown folks (assuming) and be honest. In this day and age having a “a cookie/cookies” is the norm and its what we ladies love the most. If you are not eating, you sure as hell is not “whining.”

Having a clean, healthy and fresh smelling “kitty kat” takes spending quality time with our lady bits. It also stems from what we put in our daily diets. Pineapples rings a bell? Lets break it down.

  1. Whatever we eat comes out on the outside. So those of us who loves to drink sodas, eat a lot of sugary food and a whole lot of fried food, will be likely to have a little trouble with our little lady. Lots of water, fresh fruits and vegetables are more ideal for daily consumption.
  2. Wash your “kitty kat” daily! Its not that hard! Some of us may be allergic to soap or scented soaps, however, there are specific products made for that. I personally hate having my period, however, since its part of being a woman, when she makes her monthly visits, showering for me doubles up and changing my soiled sanitary napkin very regularly throughout the day. My partner always say to me, “How yuh can bathe suh?” I love feeling clean at all times. I cant not have my feminine wash. It keeps me fresh all day. Also, its not just simple washing, you gotta separate the labia and gently wash between the folds. That area between your vagina and your anus, it too deserves a good wash. Bottom line, spend time washing your “kitty kat.”
  3. Some females think that spraying scented perfumes on your lady parts will get rid of odors or cover up the smell. Truth is, your vagina is suppose to smell-all vaginas smell; but when it smells like a fish that has been rotting for a few days, then darling, head to the gyno! Do not spray any scents down there and if you do, do not spray it directly on your lady parts, because you are just breeding more bacteria and creating a future disaster for your vagina.
  4. Regular check ups at your gyno is super important!
  5. Shave! Wax! Something… Excessive hair breeds bacteria and traps odor. Plus no one wants to be parting “the cane field” to get to the goods. Huge turn off!
  6. We all know the rule of wiping. Front to back! That’s all I will say.
  7. Do not douche! The vagina is built to clean itself, even after your period. As long as you take the necessary precautions with your lady parts, she will be OK.
  8. Every lady parts have/has a discharge. Wear a panty shield to help with keeping your lady parts dry throughout the day. Now, if the discharge have an odor and a color, make an appointment to see your gyno.
  9. Wear clean underwear daily. Something that will not suffocate your “kitty kat”, she loves to breathe. So those of us who loves to wear a “sling shot” on a daily basis, desist.

With all that was mentioned, can you now answer the question; How edible are your “cookies”?

Can you look at a someone and say to yourself, that person seems clean and seems to keep their “cookies” clean?

Do you spend time with your lady parts in keeping it clean?

Bottom line, we ladies especially (men too), need to keep our “cookies ” clean at all times, not just for a date. We enjoy having it eaten, and no one likes to or should fail the “smell test” when its time to serve dinner. Always try to have a clean edible arrangement at all times.