In love with the DIY Era

I have always said to my partner,

“Hon, who says we have to live comfortable, bathe, wash our faces with a specific cleanser other than regular soap?”

“Why cant we just live naked and live off the land?”

She always laugh and says to me that I could never survive living like that.

She is so right. I love living in a comfortable and clean space/environment. I like a modern home. The furniture have to be straight edges with flat, clear surfaces and  with that, Pinterest and YouTube have become a home best friend for me.

I will rearrange the house many times over, until I get the euphoria feeling that it feels right and looks good.

With that being said, trying to accomplish a comfortable and stylish home can become quite expensive and a simple decorative cushion that is just going to sit in the couch and look pretty can cost quite a penny. Again my question, who says we have to have decorative cushions in our couches? (At times I “cuss” out my partner about using them as pillows as she sits and watches TV).

Since we moved into our new home, I have been decorating on a budget. I wanted to create a nice comfortable home, that is somewhat of a safe haven for when we are there. Of course, My partner is not going to help with this aspect-not her thing. We decided on a theme, which wasn’t hard as we both have similar taste in decor and we tend to go for neutral colors, which makes it a lot easier to add a pop of color here and there.

The bathrooms and living room were my main focus initially as those are the most used rooms in the house and even going number one for a few seconds, should still feel very comfortable. You know that feeling when you just get inside the house and you have to pee really bad, so you run in the house, literally throw everything that you managed to grab from the car on the floor and head for the closest bathroom. You struggle to get you pants down and you plop down on the toilet and goes “AAAHHHH!”


Well, with that relief, its even more comfy doing your business in a nicely decorated bathroom (Maybe I am crazy or weird 🙂 ).

Little trinkets and accessories adds a lot to a living space and those same little additives can cost a lot. This is where your DIY game comes into play. DIY-Do It Yourself, has saved me a few dollars in decorating our home.

A simple display of towels can create a luxurious feel, granted when guests comes over they don’t use them to dry their hands or faces. Of course, I know nothing about folding towels into a swan and why would I do that anyway? I took to Pinterest and got quite a lot of inspirations, which is as simple as ABC to follow. My displayed towels are not just hanging like “heng pon nail” but more so in a luxurious form, which is very pleasing to eyes. 🙂 (An Example that I followed below)

It not only stops there, we love to drink wine and instead of throwing out those empty wine bottles. I soaked them in vinegar and baking powder to get off the label without residue and turn them upside down to dry. Once they are dried, I spray painted them gold and purple (spray paint cost me $1.99 – $2.99). Perfect gold and purple vases, which made an even fancier array of displays.

We wanted to keep the decor very modern and simple, as stated before, therefore, decorating the walls was a bit difficult to keep in such context. We got some trays and plastic plates from the dollar store and spray them in gold of course, have to keep the theme up to par.

There are so many other DIYs throughout our home that creates the look and feel that we are going for and they cost less then getting said decors and designs at a store. No, we aren’t cheap and whats wrong with that anyways? but we prefer to spend money on more important things. Yes, having a beautiful home is important, but if we can save on such things, we will.

There is a lot of DIY videos and blogs out there and they are, for the most part easy to follow and recreate. Bottom line, DIYs are fun to do and the end result is a big bonus, not to mention saving money.