Which would you choose; lesbian or straight loving?

As human beings our minds, body and soul wonders, longs for and always wants new and exciting
experiences. These experiences vary from minor to major, especially sexual experiences. We think that
us as humans should always fulfil our sexual desires in life. We may be willing to try anything to add to
our sexual pleasures. It’s not just for each person to just climax (‘cum’), but to enjoy sexual pleasure
from the beginning to the end, whether it’s a quick five minutes or a marathon.

At times props are added to a sexual session to make it more memorable but most of all to ‘add spice’
and more ecstasy to the relationship. In a heterosexual relationship a man may make it his main duty
to please his woman; therefore he may not be so susceptible to any introduction of props in a sexual
relationship. Some men think women are literally an energizer bunny that goes on and on and on, not
taking the time out to explore the contours of their women’s body, just jump on, ride and go. This can
be a major turn off for women. There are times when women may desire a ‘quickie’ but even that in
itself should be done with care.

Women respond extremely well to a man who takes the time out to care for their bodies, to show that
they are not just seen as a sex machine or a reproductive tool. Oral sex was considered taboo, and even
in this day and age some men still ‘bun it out’. But with this comes cheating, because some women do
not climax without having their clit licked and sucked, for the most part the G-spot is not enough for
climaxing, stimulation of the clitoris is needed, from a warm, wet tongue. On the other hand some men
would literally pay to ‘eat’ a woman out, and with this is, women nowadays literally go for. ‘If you are
not going to be eating then you will not be wining’. Women expect that men should be ready and be up
for anything in the bedroom, no boundaries, and in return pleasure beyond pleasures.

Visualizing intimacy between two women is very hot and steamy. The sexual experience between
them is very passionate and detailed, because a woman knows what she wants sexually and how to
gain that pleasure. She will take the time out to please her partner, and is always up for new sexual
experiences. Lesbians are very passionate people, they are very sensitive and this relationship is much
more tolerated. Two women are sexy, four perky tits sucked and caressed gently into hardness, two
succulent lips pressed against each other, while the tongues explore the interiors of each other’s mouth,
and of course two wet vaginas, with pulsating clits, waiting to be pleased. The sexual encounter is very
intriguing and exciting. So a woman will respond significantly to another woman pleasing her.

The reality of the matter is that, a lesbian relationship is sexually exciting and more adventurous and
pleasing. At the end of the day some or most women prefer a stiff, hot tongue versus a hard penis,
poking in and around their promise land.


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